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Is Your Marinette or Green Bay, WI Home Ready for the Market?

Schedule your seller's home inspection today

Are you ready to put your home on the market? You need to schedule a home inspection before you do. Buyers and their agents are looking for any chance to try and reduce your asking price, and a few cracks in your siding or any ventilation concerns will help them achieve their goal. Make sure your home is ready for sale with True North Home Inspections.

Three reasons to inspect your home before selling

There are many benefits to having your home inspected before you put it on the market. I, as an inspector, am trained to examine your property and to discover any major or minor defects. My inspections and reports:

  1. Allow you to adjust the pricing appropriately before setting a firm price
  2. Pinpoint any problems and recommend the proper repairs
  3. Reassure prospective buyers that the home is safe and in good condition

Don’t miss out on a deal because you didn’t get your home inspected. Call 715-923-5027 to schedule your appointment with True North Home Inspections today.

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