home inspections in Marinette and Green Bay, WI
home inspections in Marinette and Green Bay, WI

Steve is very thorough and a pleasure to work with. His report is very easy to understand with the help of all the pictures he takes. If I buy another home I will be calling True North Home Inspections.

-Stuart S.

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Inspect Before You Invest

True North Home Inspections provides you with prospective-buyer and pre-listing home inspections

Are you considering purchasing a new home in the Marinette, Green Bay, or surrounding area? Do you want to place your home on the market? Before you close a sale, you should have the complete structure and all the systems on the Home checked by a professional inspector. You don't want problems to arise down the road that will take more money out of your pocket or keep you from selling your home. True North Home Inspections offers residential inspections in the Marinette and Green Bay, WI area to ensure that you know the condition of the home before you make your investment. Both for sellers and buyers. Don't make the mistake of wishing you had the house inspected before you close the deal.

Let True North Home Inspections give you the facts about your new home

There's a lot involved in buying a new home. And with all the pressure and excitement of home shopping, how can you know if your home is truly great? Attention to detail and a very thorough inspection by our experienced inspectors will help you decide on your Marinette or Green Bay, WI dream home. My services at True North Home Inspections include:

  • Examining the structural foundation, major appliances and electrical and plumbing systems
  • Working with innovative technology and equipment during inspection
  • Providing reports that are complete, thorough and easy to read

Don't sell without an inspection

Before you place your home on the market, let True North Home Inspections inspect your home and identify issues that could affect your sale. I offer radon testing and inspections for all major systems in your home. We'll give you the assurance that your home is ready to go on the market, and you can feel confident in your sale price.

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