My husband contacted Steve to do an inspection on a small lake cabin in Marinette County that we bought recently without realtors. Steve was extremely fast, professional, knowledgeable and had excellent communication with my husband. The report was completed and emailed within 24 hours of his inspection. It was very organized and easy to understand with a lot of photos. My husband cannot say enough good things about Steve!

Erin S.-5 Stars

Steve did an excellent job! I'm unfamiliar with the area but did my research to find the best home inspector.Steve's excellent ratings reflected his work ethics.I also give him an excellent review. The home I was trying to purchase looked great on the surface but there were many issues that Steve found. He created a 53 page report letting my husband and I know the issues. Steve was very thorough and spent several hours at the home. I would highly recommend him.Very reasonable prices as well.

D. Kube- 5 Stars

My husband and I were worried because we kind of picked Steve at random to inspect our new home, as we are not from the area. He definitely exceded our expectations. Not only was he thorough, he took the time to explain problems and their potential consequences. His report also did a great job of explaining everything he found. This is our 3rd house and he is the best inspector we've had.

Tanya I.- 5 Stars

Steve was very friendly, knowledgable, professional, and thorough. I would reccommend him to anyone. He was also the least expensive home inspector I have found and I feel that he is one of the best. The inspection was almost 30 pages long with very detailed descriptions and close up pictures of all of the issues that he found.

Anonymous-5 Stars

Madelen J.- 5 Stars

"Steve is very thorough and a pleasure to work with. His report is very easy to understand with the help of all the pictures he takes. If I buy another home I will be calling True North Home Inspections."

Stuart S. - 5 Stars